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Hey there!

Welcome to the Secrets of Time. Take your time to visit the posts fully. This page contains wide range of topics of different flavor. First time to the site? – No problems. Let me guide you:

  • Interested in Socio-economic issues?Start here. I have tried to write about some of the everyday issues that we keep neglecting. For example, Environment and nature, Poverty etc… I just wish to spray a cause for people to re-think their everyday life and think about global life of the planet.
  • Interested in a love story?Start here. This will tell you about a minute but crucial element of love: guilt. Alongside, it will also highlight some of the typical social barriers that a love story in India goes through.
  • Interested in Trekking?Start here. It tells you about my experience of Andharban trek near Pune. You can also use it as a guide book, if you are planning a trek over there. Surely, you will be enthralled.
  • Interested in Poetry and literature?Start here. This series wishes to tell you the beauty of poetries. I select, translate, understand and try to feel the beauty of the amazing literature around.
  • Interested in Psychology?Start here. Do you like thinking deep about psychological aspects of behaviour? I try to put my understanding on this vast topic. This are some personal thoughts on certain kind of behaviour under certain circumstances. You may find it totally irrelevant to very connectable! Try it!

This is Akash Trivedi, an undergraduate at IISER Pune (2017 – Present). I am also an alumnus of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jamnagar (2010 – 2017). I am doing my masters in physics. I am currently working on Information Theory and Open Quantum Systems in theoretical physics. Don’t make your faces ugly from those words, this page will only provide you with joy to read easy and simple things.

The reason behind writing it is very simple. I want to talk to lots of people about my ideas, take their help to rectify my ideas. So, criticism and discussion of content are heavily anticipated. It’s just great talking to various types of people about various things. So, I urge you to freely discuss and criticize openly.

Thanks for visiting!

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