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Welcome to the Secrets of Time. This is Akash Trivedi, an undergraduate at IISER Pune (2017 – Present). I am also an alumnus of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jamnagar (2010 – 2017). I am doing my masters in physics. I am currently working on Information Theory and Open Quantum Systems in theoretical physics. Don’t make your faces ugly from those words, this page will only provide you with joy to read easy and simple things.

It has been quite long since I used to sit alone on the bench of my residential school during night, gazing stars and thinking about random things. But that motivated me to write things down and now I want to publish it here in the form of various types of blogs.

I love to observe and write about the spectrum of behaviour people (principally myself) show in various situations. I try to understand the philosophy behind it. So, this page is a feast for those who love to understand their behaviour in various situations.

I am also planning to write about various questions and their possible answers which all of us observe in everyday life but never looked at from a scientific lens. So, going to be fun for people who try to seek logic in small things.

The reason behind writing it is very simple. I am just a beginner in every field. So, I want to talk to lots of people about my ideas, take their help to rectify myself. So, criticism and discussion of content are heavily anticipated. It’s just great talking to various types of people about various things. So, I urge you to freely discuss and criticize openly.

I also love to play basketball. I love to write and more than that recite poems. I am also trying to build my potential to perform a stand-up comedy.

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